Bypass Ostankino Danger By Taking New Overpass

A new overpass has been constructed in the Ostankino region of Moscow to bypass a busy intersection between Ogorodny Proyezd and Sheremetyevskaya Ulitsa. This intersection is dangerous and numerous cars have collided there. Many Moscow road maps do not show the new overpass.

If you are driving through Ogorodny Proyezd to Zvyozdny Bulvar, turn left in front of the new stoplight after passing a small gas station on the right. You will drive onto a new road. After driving straight for about 300 meters, you will reach the Sheremetyevsky overpass.

Drive under the bridge and then turn right and follow the ramp up onto the bridge. You will now be driving on Sheremetyevskaya Ulitsa, going toward Zvyozdny Bulvar.

If you are driving in the opposite direction -- from Ostankino -- take the right lane before driving onto the overpass. Take the first exit to the right after crossing the overpass. You will be on the new road that goes to Ogorodny Proyezd.

When driving from downtown on Sheremetyevskaya Ulitsa, take a right lane after passing the British Petroleum gas station on your right. Turn right in front of the overpass. Drive 100 meters down the street and turn left. Again, you will reach the new road that goes to Ogorodny Proyezd.

-- Kolya Kachurin