Detour Avoids Work On Way to Airport

Reconstruction of the Moscow Ring Road is taking place where it intersects with Leningradskoye Shosse, creating terrible traffic jams. You may have trouble reaching Sheremetyevo Airport if you are in a hurry. Now would be a good time to remember a very good detour through Dmitrovskoye Shosse.

Drive on Dmitrovskoye Shosse toward the town of Dmitrov. After seven kilometers, you'll reach a bridge over the Moscow River-Volga canal. Stay in the right lane, take the off-ramp from the bridge and drive under the overpass.

Drive straight for two kilometers and you'll see a railroad. Turn right and follow the tracks for about 500 meters. Turn left to cross the tracks. The road will go through a small village; several large buildings will be on your left and an old railroad on your right. Follow the road and cross the rails again. The road zigzags for about 200 meters. Go straight for two kilometers and turn right. You'll face the road that surrounds the airport. Sheremetyevo-1 is to the right, and Sheremetyevo-2 is to the left.