Worst Movies Get Dubious Razzie Honor

LOS ANGELES -- It was the Spice Girls vs. Godzilla and Armageddon in the battle for the worst film of 1998 when the "Razzie" nominations for Hollywood's most loathsome annual achievements were announced Monday.

Deliberately beating by a day the Academy Award nominations for the year's best films, the annual Golden Raspberry Award Foundation nominations for the worst has the Spice Girls' debut film "Spice World" up against four other critical flops: "Godzilla," "Burn Hollywood Burn," "The Avengers" and "Armageddon."

John Wilson, founder of the "Razzies," as the award is called, said the 19th-annual list represented a new low point for filmmaking, the "worst movie-going year ever." This year, he created a new category to celebrate the worst trends in recent films, including "Gidgets and Geezers - 58-year-old men wooing 28-year-old leading ladies," "If You've Seen the Trailer Why Bother to See the Movie - previews that give away the film's entire plot," and "30 Minutes of Story Conveyed in Less than 3 Hours - longer movies, shorter plots."

The awards will be given out March 20, a day before the Oscars.

Bruce Willis was nominated for worst actor for "Armageddon," "Mercury Rising" and "The Siege."But he has stiff competition for the award from Ralph Fiennes in "The Avengers," Ryan O'Neill in "Burn Hollywood Burn," Ryan Phillipe in "54" and Adam Sandler in "The Waterboy."

Although she doesn't last long in the "Psycho" remake, Anne Heche wins a nomination for worst actress. She is up against all five Spice Girls, Uma Thurman for "The Avengers," Jessica Lange for "Hush" and Yasmine Bleeth for "BASEketball."

Gus Van Sant, who did as little as he could to change "Psycho" except colorize and add a masturbation scene to the Alfred Hitchcock classic, was nominated for worst director of the year. But to win he has to beat the directors of "Burn Hollywood Burn," "Armageddon," "The Avengers" and "Godzilla" - no easy task.