Music Web Site Offers Legal Download of Russian Tunes

Feel like a break from scouring the music markets in search of your favorite Russian tunes? The victor in the music category at this year’s Intel Russian Internet Awards, (, could well be the web site for you.

Launched in December 1996, claims to be the oldest and most authoritative electrical publication in the musical genre in Eastern Europe. Its goal is to provide thorough information on what’s happening in the Russian music scene. The site is determined to keep its considerable archive of music available to all Internet users free of charge.

Like the popular MP3 music data format, also supports the Real Audio Player standard. Most earlier methods of acquiring a hard drive full of sounds meant downloading the entire music file before a note of it could be heard. With Real Audio Player, users can utilize "streaming" technology, meaning that as long as your Internet connection speed is fast enough, you can start listening to your chosen song from the moment you begin to download.

Visitors can sift through the large collection of archived songs, articles and photos with either keywords or category selections, with all the results organized alphabetically or chronologically for easy navigation. It’s also possible to see popularity tables for all music downloads over the last day, week or month.

Russia has received its fair share of criticism for copyright disregard, but is proud of the fact that it is 100 percent legal. All titles in their online music collection are made available only after getting official permission from copyright holders. The team at has even taken the time to help others set up their own online music repository without breaking the law, with an answer page dedicated specifically to this topic.

Though the recent Napster trial in the United States and generally hazy horizons in the online music game bode ill,’s founding policies should keep them clear of bad weather.