Makes Russian Language a Little Bit Easier

Speaking correctly and articulately is a quality admired everywhere, and this country is no exception. But perfection of the Russian language, with its various cases and irregularities, can be rather difficult for foreigners Ч and sometimes even natives.

But don't fret, there's help for us on the Internet. With the help of government funding, ( was established last November with the aim of keeping us all speaking correctly. The site's merits earned it the education and science prize at the 2001 Intel Russian Internet Awards.

Perhaps the most useful resource on the site is the collection of online dictionaries Ч ranging from historical dictionaries to dictionaries of abbreviations. If your question can't be solved there, linguistic experts are waiting for your questions. also has a section dedicated to pointing out the most common mistakes seen in the press, radio and television Ч with an aim toward nipping these erroneous habits in the bud.

For a bit of entertainment, check out the "on this day" feature, which showcases the great scholars and writers born on that day who contributed to the Russian language.

The site also boasts an online magazine, with articles on a wide variety of topics relating to the Russian language. Contributing authors include professors from Moscow State University and former members of the Soviet Union of Journalists. A discussion club is open to visitors who debate on a certain subject or recommend a new subject for debate.

Before you leave the site, have a look at Russian Constitution Article 68, which declares that Russian is the official language on Russian Federation soil. So speak it correctly.