This Site Could Help You Catch Your Flight

Although rarely a favorite for travelers, Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport is for most the gateway to Russia. Built not long before the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games, the scent of Soviet-style construction is still potent in the air.

Sheremetyevo does, however, have a rather decent online presence ( Although by no means visually stunning, if you are picking someone up or traveling yourself, the site is worthy of a visit prior to setting off on the long ride to the airport.

The site is chiefly in Russian. There is an "Eng" link at the top of the home page, but within this section there are some sloppy content omissions and several empty links. Nonetheless, if you are prepared to look around for long enough, you will probably find what you need in English.

As can be expected on any airport site, there is a complete timetable of incoming and outgoing flights for both terminals 1 and 2. Although there is an online ticket-booking section, it is quite confusing and leaves out some rather important details like ticket prices.

General information for passengers includes maps telling how to get to and from the airport. There also is a list of links to other international airports, a section of useful telephone numbers and a handy guide to decoding the information on your ticket if any of the cryptic numbers are unclear. There is also a fairly detailed description of how to fill out those dreadful customs declarations required at Russian customs. Regulations concerning baggage and flight registration are also available.

You can also check out all the latest news on the site. Sheremetyevo's ambitious plans to upgrade with a new terminal are fully described, complete with an interesting artist's rendition of the planned terminal.

Before you leave, take part in the site's online survey. This week's question is: What products would you most like to buy online?

Even if you visit the site once, be sure to grab all the information hotline numbers Ч this is where having a comparatively low-tech international airport is an advantage. If you call one of the airport hotlines, you usually talk to a person as opposed to a machine Ч which is always useful if you're racing to your flight through rush-hour traffic while barking down the handset of your mobile phone. Sometimes the comparatively low-tech approach to information relaying is still the best. Sheremetyevo Airport