Tax Police Storms Internet With Launch of New Site

In an effort to keep with the times, the Tax Police has its own web site ( with all you need to know about Russia's men in black masks.

The front page is visually appealing and simply laid out, with the scrolling message "Russian Tax Police Ч guarding state economic security" adorning the top of visitors' screens.

For general information, there is an information page on Tax Police director Mikhail Fradkov, a page of press releases and even the online paper "Tax Police" Ч sort of a staff newsletter for the service's employees.

There is a history section indexed by year with important events dating from 1992 to the present. And if you're unsure of where your local representative is, there is a list of all Tax Police offices throughout Russia.

Visitors can even check out the Tax Police's Most Wanted list, featuring photos and dossiers of the tax authorities' enemies.

For those thinking about a career in the Tax Police's ranks, there is a dedicated section of the site: "How to Become a Tax Policeman."

It's worth checking out the library page as well, with a list of books about the Tax Police and even a fiction section to send youngsters into a slumber filled with dreams of catching those who dare not to file truthful income declarations.

One distinct absence on this online presence is any link or information for those who actually want to pay their taxes.

With stories regularly featured in the press of masked officers storming into businesses for a dreaded audit, to their credit the Tax Police has included a humor page on its site.

A group of men burst into a store and yell, "Hands in the air! It's a robbery!"

"Thank God," says the owner with relief. "I thought it was the Tax Police." The Tax Police site.