Rambler Man Wins Yandex Cup

Yandex's Internet scavenger hunt came to an ironic conclusion Tuesday as Anton Nosik, a vice president for rival search engine Rambler, was dubbed "the man who found everything" and claimed the Yandex Cup.

The final round of Yandex's Open Search Challenge was held at the TimeOnLine Internet cafe in the Manezh shopping center. In the competition, participants raced to find information online in a given time period.

The competition began April 23 and was open to anyone who knows Russian and has Internet access. The first two rounds, held online, acted as a knockout procedure to decide the final eight competitors for Tuesday's competition.

Members of the final group were mainly Muscovites, with one contestant from Tomsk and another from St. Petersburg. But the searcher who traveled the farthest to take part was 23-year-old Ilya Mironov, in his second year of study at Stanford University in California.

"The idea is brilliant with the competition being well-organized and well thought out," said Mironov. Yandex paid the travel costs for all those located outside Moscow.

Yandex general director Arkady Volozh said there were fewer problems than expected, but he had to eat his words as technical difficulties caused a delay in the winner's announcement. But it was not all about winners and losers, as the main goal of the contest was to demonstrate the ability of the Internet as a search tool, Volozh said.