PC Market's Value Hits $454M

The computer market in Russia reached a value of $454 million in the first quarter this year, a 17 percent increase from the same period last year, ITResearch said in a report on the information technologies industry released Tuesday.

The report said some 755,000 computers were sold in the country in the first three months of this year, with desktops comprising 91 percent of the figure. Notebooks made 7 percent and Intel-based servers were 2 percent of the total number of computers supplied.

Notebook sales soared 42.5 percent and server sales grew 29.3 percent, compared with the first quarter of 2002.

Domestic PC-maker Formoza was the leading supplier, while another Russian firm, Rover Computers, was the top notebook seller. The United States' Hewlett-Packard sold more servers than any other firm.

The number of monitors supplied in the first quarter this year rose by 45 percent compared with the same period last year, reaching 986,000. The report added however that many monitor suppliers had customs-related problems in the first three months of 2002, pushing the figures lower than they would have been.

Liquid crystal display monitors accounted for 24 percent of all monitors sold.

"The results of sales of LCD monitors exceeded our most optimistic expectations," said the report, adding that LCD monitors have gradually started to squeeze out traditional monitors. "The ongoing decrease in prices for such monitors and consumers getting used to these technologies have led to a share increase in the 'substitution' market," the report said.

The leading suppliers of monitors for the domestic market were South Korea's Samsung and LG and Japan's NEC.

The number of printers sold in the first quarter this year reached 650,000.

U.S. Epson, Hewlett-Packard and Samsung together control 80 percent of the market, the report said.

The number of scanners increased by more than 30 percent and reached 170,000. Again, Epson and Hewlett-Packard, along with Taiwan's Mustek, a relative newcomer, led the market.