Capriati 'on Heroin' At Bust, Lawyer Says

BOCA RATON, Florida -- The attorney for one of the two people arrested with Jennifer Capriati said he was told the former tennis player was "whacked out on heroin" when police picked her up for marijuana possession. Capriati, 18, paid for the drugs with cash advances from her credit cards, and the others went out to buy them because she was too high to go along, Edward Abramson, attorney for Tom Wineland, said Wednesday. Wineland, 20, was quoted Wednesday in several London tabloids as saying that Capriati used a variety of drugs while he was with her. "We smoked the crack (cocaine) together in the bathroom," Wineland was quoted as saying. "She was also eating painkillers and drinking ... she smoked (crack) for a couple of hours, and then when we stopped, we started smoking reefers." Abramson confirmed that Wineland spoke with a reporter and said his client's comments showed "very poor sense." He said his client was not paid for the interview. Wineland met Capriati only a few days before they were arrested on Monday, Abramson said. Capriati checked into the Gables Inn on Saturday, the manager of the motel in Coral Gables said. "Capriati rented the room, used her credit card to pay for the intoxicants. There was a party," Abramson said in an interview. "She was whacked out on heroin." The attorney said Capriati was fortunate that police did not perform a blood test. Coral Gables police said such a test is not routine unless the suspect is driving. The New York Times, meanwhile, reported in Thursday's edition that one of Capriati's endorsement contracts has been canceled and that another is under review. Wineland was charged Monday with possession of suspected crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia, and Timineet Branagan, 17, a runaway girl, was charged with possession of two packets of heroin.