Archbishop, Priests Slain In Rwanda

KIGALI, Rwanda -- The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Kigali was killed along with 22 other clergymen and 63 civilians in two separate massacres in Rwanda, aid agencies and rebel radio reported Thursday. The United Nations in Kigali said it had credible reports that nine priests and 63 civilians were killed in a government-held part of the city at the heart of raging battles in the capital. Earlier Rwanda Patriotic Front rebels admitted their own men had massacred 13 clergymen, including the archbishop, in a refuge south of the capital. UN military spokesman Major Jean-Guy Plante said an aid agency had told the world body the massacres in Kigali took place Monday inside a church complex in Nyamirambo district. Plante said the incidents underlined the vital importance of deploying up to 5,500 UN peacekeepers in Rwanda. The 450 on the ground were overstretched and lacked the muscle to evacuate civilians trapped in places like Nyamirambo. Plante said it was impossible for UN personnel to return to the church area to verify the reported massacre. Rebel radio said four RPF guards had slaughtered 13 clergymen, including two Roman Catholic bishops and the archbishop, in rebel-held Kabgayi. Rebel Radio Muhabura, monitored in London by the BBC said the guards believed the clergymen had taken part in massacres against their relatives. The Security Council, on Wednesday approved 5,500 peacekeeping troops with a mandate to protect civilians but not stop the fighting.