Ask the Flight Attendant

Courtesy of Lufthansa
Nadja Schwobeda, 31, Lufthansa flight attendant from Berlin.

Favorite airport
"Denver. I like the concept of it. ... Indian music is played at the airport and photographs of all the different tribes are on display."

Favorite destination
"Hong Kong, because of its amazing architecture, the great view from The Peak at night, the mixture of old Chinese and modern. Furthermore, it is a shopping paradise. I love the fact that Hong Kong appears to be a huge modern city. It is actually an island, surrounded by the sea, which gives daily life some kind of calmness."

Favorite restaurant worldwide
"You can find my favorite restaurant and bar in Hong Kong as well. It's called Aqua and is on top of an amazing skyscraper near Kowloon harbor. You may have a beautiful view of Hong Kong Island while eating the most delicious sushi creations of the world."

Favorite activity in Moscow
"I like scouting new cafes, bars and restaurants downtown as well as sightseeing."

Impressions of Moscow
"There is quite a lot to discover as Moscow is growing and developing very fast.
"I have flown to Moscow at least 25 times. I really enjoy staying there.
"I experienced Moscow back in the late '80s with a student exchange program because I learned Russian language at school. I was really impressed by Moscow's memorials and sights. Now it has turned into a modern city where there is so much to explore -- sightseeing, shopping, dining, nightlife. Amazing!"

Advice to travelers
"Make sure you drink enough water on board, like one glass every hour. Also try to move and stretch your legs, you can do this while sitting in your seat. Lufthansa has developed a special workout called 'flyrobics.' You should always carry a little snack with you, like fruits or a healthy power bar. Start your trip in a relaxing way. Take your time for the entire check-in process."

Aqua, 29th and 30th floors of 1 Peking Road, Tsim ShaTsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, (852) 3427-2228,