Ask the Flight Attendant

Courtesy of Air France
Irina Jancenko, 34, is a Lithuanian-born Air France flight attendant who lives in a small town on France's Atlantic coast.

Favorite airport
"I am happy to fly, but I am happy to come back home as well. So I would say that my favorite airport is Charles de Gaulle, Paris."

Favorite destination
"I like European and French towns. Every single one of them has its own charm and beauty."

Favorite restaurant, cafe or bar worldwide
"I don't go to cafes or restaurants often. I would rather walk around towns to visit museums or historical monuments. When I am hungry, I always try to taste local food."

Favorite thing to do or place to go to in hometown
"I like to read, walk around, go and listen to the Atlantic Ocean. I study foreign languages and do qigong, which is Chinese health gymnastics."

Favorite activity in Moscow
"I studied in Russia, and I am still in contact with some of my friends who live there. I am always very happy to see them when I come to Moscow."

Impressions of Moscow
"I am Russian by origin, I studied in Russia for five years. So when I come to Moscow, I feel nostalgic. It feels like going back to the past. But Moscow has changed a lot since that time. ... New buildings, new restaurants, new bars, new spirit of life. The most striking thing is the number of cars. I dislike all these traffic jams. But nevertheless, I love to fly to Moscow. Every flight has been very demanding for me: When the passengers find out that there is somebody speaking Russian on board, I am constantly requested. And I actually like it."

Advice to travelers
"To be comfortable, wear ample clothes and loose shoes. Walk in the cabin during the flight and try to do exercises as advised -- on Air France's long flights, there is information on the screens about how to move different parts of the body, even when seated! Drink a lot of water or other liquids, but try to avoid alcohol."

What to take on a flight
"A smile, kindness and serenity."