How to Help

Finding a homeless child at your doorway presents a small dilemma: How can the child be convinced to go without force and without causing them more harm?

Alexei Nikiforov, project coordinator for Doctors Without Borders' street children program in Moscow, said that, unfortunately, there were not many good options.

The best way is to bring the child directly to one of Moscow's priyuty, or shelters, or alternatively to the No to Alcohol and Narcotics organization's own priyut, called Doroga k Domu, said Tatyana Khoribina, head of the NAN shelter. But it is important that the child go to the shelter voluntarily and that you are simply helping them get there -- they are, after all, living neither at home nor at a priyut by their own decision.

The alternative would be to call the police, which is the first suggestion of Moscow's department for neglected and homeless children. Nikiforov also suggested calling the department's hotline at 727-3156/8 for suggestions, but that number works sporadically, and their advice is simply to call the police.

The police can be reached from a fixed line by dialing 02, and the ambulance by dialing 03. From mobile phones, dial 112.

The department for neglected and homeless children suggested taking the child directly to the Krasnoselsky Social Rehabilitation Center.

If the child is in need of medical attention, call an ambulance or take them to one of the children's hospitals listed below.

At the Paveletsky and Kursky stations, where street children often congregate, there are adolescent help centers called the Otdelenia Po Delam Nesovershennikh Letnykh.


Children's Hospital No. 12, 12 1st Ul. Yamskogo Polya, 657-0422,

Health Point for the Homeless, 4A Nizhny Susalny Per., 9 a.m.-8 p.m. Mon.-Sat., 265-1701, M. Kurskaya.

Krasnoselsky Social Rehabilitation Center, 4 Skornyazhny Per., 975-23-33, 24-hour hotline 975-2750, M. Sukharevskaya.

Morozovskaya Children's Hospital, 1/9 Chetvyorty Dobryninsky Per., 959-8904, M. Dobryninskaya,

Priyut Doroga k Domu, 24/7 Profsoyuznaya Ul., 126-6620, M. Profsoyuznaya.

Tushinskaya Children's Hospital, 28 Ul. Geroyev Panfilovtsev, 496-7490, emergency hotlines
490-8711/8911, M. Skhodnenskaya,

The Miloserdia Group's Russian Children's Clinical Hospital, 117 Leninsky Prospekt, 434 1000,