Ask the Frequent

Courtesy Of Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller, Moscow correspondent for The Economist and author of "The Earl of Petticoat Lane."

Favorite destination

"My new favorite destination is Odessa. It's one of those places that is completely sui generis: beautiful and seedy and fascinating. Get there quickly before the cheap flights from London start."

Favorite hotel worldwide

"Hard to say. I think I've had the most fun most often at our dacha, so long as my musical Russian friend brings his guitar and nobody has stolen our barbecue."

Favorite restaurant worldwide

"Meson Bilbao, a little-known (fortunately) Spanish place close to where I used to live in London. If you find it, ask Pepe for his chorizo in red wine sauce. And I love the Holly Bush, the best pub in London, and therefore the world. They make good pies."

Best airport

"Yekaterinburg. The domestic terminal has that faint abattoir feel that many Russian airports still have. But next to it there is a spanking new international terminal that feels like it should be in Scandinavia. It's a one-airport history of post-Soviet Russia."

Which airline has the best food?

"Georgian Airways. You think you've finished the meal, and then they bring you the main course."

What did you do on your last flight?

"I tried to write an article, but fell asleep."

What do you always take with you when you travel?

"A pen. And my BlackBerry, God help me."


Meson Bilbao, 33 Malvern Road, London, (+44 871) 332 7024.
Holly Bush, 22 Holly Mount, Hampstead, London, (+44 20) 7435 2892.