Portrait of Putin as a Simpsons Character Stolen From Moscow Exhibit

Afisha Gorod / Facebook

Following a phone call with the purchaser of the painting, an exhibition organizer has reported that the painting is now in the Koptevo district police station.

Aportrait ofPresident Vladimir Putin as aSimpsons character was stolen froma central Moscow business center onTuesday, the website of Afisha magazine reported.

Thepainting, entitled "Man ofan Era" was created byTurkmenistan-born artist Amir Kerr, acurrent resident ofMoscow. Theexhibit at the business center opened onFriday, andthe painting sold only 15 minutes after opening.

Atthe time ofthe theft, theexhibit had closed. Only two organizers andthree security guards were present, preventing anyone apart fromthe exhibit's participants fromentering thevenue.

Thethieves displayed stealth no trace ofthem was found, even after organizers studied theCCTV footage.

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