Moscow Pensioner Pushed Off Escalator by Young Hooligan

Quinntheislander / Pixabay

Police have detained a young man suspected of pushing a 75-year-old woman off an escalator at a Moscow metro station, Russian media reports said Tuesday.

The woman suffered various injuries from her fall, while the 23-year-old suspect has been charged with petty hooliganism, Interior Ministry spokesman Andrei Galiakberov was quoted as saying Tuesday by the Moskva news agency.

The man is accused of pushing other commuters out of his way as he hurried down the escalator to catch a train at the Leninsky Prospekt metro station, Ekho Moskvy radio reported. A 75-year-old Muscovite fell, hit her head and lost consciousness after the man allegedly pushed her off the escalator, the report said.

The injured pensioner received medical care immediately following the incident.

The man attempted to flee by train but was detained by police, Ekho Moskvy reported, adding that the Sept. 15 incident was recorded by the station's surveillance cameras.

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