The next concert of the SOUND UP series will take place on June 9, at one of Moscow's best venues, the summer stage of the Strelka Institute.

The fourth SOUND UP concert presents the German duo Grandbrothers as well as the outstanding Russian composer Vladimir Martynov, who will perform his selected works together with the Opus Posth chamber orchestra.

The music of Grandbrothers duo can be called acoustic techno, and their compositions have found their way into remixes and DJ sets of Greg Wilson, Optimo DJs, and others. The duo's skilful pieces always have a clear rhythm that makes one want to dance. At their concerts, the Grandbrothers are prone to some appropriate improvisations, and constantly come up with new ideas for their live performances, striving to keep the audience on its toes.

Vladimir Martynov's music is truly innovative — not in terms of the musical language that it uses, but in terms of its very nature. The composer, who celebrated his 70th birthday this year, doesn't shy away from making his music accessible to the utmost. Listening to Vladimir Martynov, you realize that the truly new things in music lie far beyond the confines of avant-garde jungle games. Martynov's seductively approachable compositions seamlessly penetrate the "control booth" of our perception, and, working on the deeply subconscious levels, imperceptibly change our internal settings.

As part of the SOUND UP concert series, Strelka Institute will host the performance of the special "Selected Works" program that was personally designed by the composer. Vladimir Martynov's compositions will be performed by the best Russian interpreters of his music: Opus Posth chamber ensemble led by Tatyana Grindenko, and the composer himself.