Dear Reader,

For those of you newly arrived in Russia, let me assure you that even after twenty years in Moscow a book like ‘Russia for Beginners’, that you have in your hands right now, is a welcome contribution even for old-timers like me.

As you may have found out already, life in Russia is like the beautiful Matryoska dolls. Inside one doll there is another one and so on — and nothing is ever quite like it seems.

Making sense of it all can be bewildering and we hope this book will help you navigate Russian life and business.

Don’t let first appearances deter you. What may look hostile and unfriendly from the outside — will turn out to be very warm and friendly once you’ve tapped into real Russian life.

Enjoy reading this book, and most of all — enjoy your time in Moscow.

Derk Sauer
Chairman of Supervisory Board
Independent Media Sanoma Magazines

Russia for Beginners cover