Dear Reader,

Welcome to “Russia for the Advanced.” This book continues on from our first and very well-received book, “Russia for Beginners.”
We are delighted to present to you the know-how and experiences of many distinguished international business leaders.
You will learn how they have built up successful businesses while dealing with cross-cultural issues, crises, unstable environments, local authorities and other challenges.
I do not think such a comprehensive first-hand guide has ever appeared and I dare to say that this book is a must-read for all expats involved in or considering doing business in Russia.
For me, having run a business for over 20 years now in Russia, this book was both an epiphany and a unique insight into the particularities of this market.
I would like to express my gratitude to the expert contributors of “Russia for the Advanced.”
Remember this though: Even after reading this book you will still not grasp Russia 100 percent.
That is the mystery and the beauty of this country.

Derk Sauer
Chairman of Supervisory Board
Independent Media Sanoma Magazines

Russia for the Advanced cover