Lifestyle Guide 2016 cover

Lifestyle Guide 2016

What can be said about Moscow that hasn't already been said? It is an enigma; it is a beautiful, temperamental mistress; it is the end point of all roads. In a way, Moscow is indeed an end point, an apex and the largest city in all of Russia.

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Doing Business in Russia 2015 cover

Doing Business in Russia 2015

The business community in Russia has reasons to be optimistic, as there really does seem to be light at the end of the tunnel.

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Moscow Guide Summer 2015 cover

Moscow Guide Summer 2015

Ten years ago you seemed to wait forever for a seat in the sun. To help you make the best of summer in Russia, we’ve gathered together recommendations for summer dining, frolicking in parks, entertaining your kids and enjoying staycations.

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Hotels Sochi 2015 cover

Hotels Sochi 2015

Sochi: Russia's new center for corporate and event tourism.

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Lifestyle Guide 2015 cover

Lifestyle Guide 2015

Premium-class hotels, restaurants, nightlife, spas, fitness, and city festivals — this new issue of the Lifestyle Guide proudly presents the best spots in Moscow in 2015.

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Doing Business in Russia 2014 cover

Doing Business in Russia 2014

The 'CEO of the Year Russia 2014' awards come at just the right time. They celebrate the achievements of the best CEOs. They are a lesson in the possible, a benchmark to aspire to and something to be proud of.

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Hotels November 2014 cover

Hotels November 2014

If you are like most travelers, probably the only time you stayed at an airport hotel was when a flight was delayed or cancelled Ч and the hotel was the sad end of a miserable day. First you and several thousand other stranded souls milled about the airport, hoping for good news.

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Pharmaceutical Business & Health Care 2014 cover

Pharmaceutical Business & Health Care 2014

A darling of foreign investors, the automobile industry is withering amid the general economic slowdown, but another star, pharmaceuticals, is on the horizon. The value of medicines produced last year increased 13 per cent, compared to the previous year, according to Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov.

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Hotels May 2014 cover

Hotels May 2014

RussiaТs hotel and hospitality business is booming Ц with uniquely designed hostelries, updated Soviet chic, more spaces to congregate and celebrate, and summer menus to welcome the warm weather.

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Moscow Guide Summer 2014 cover

Moscow Guide Summer 2014

Ten years ago you seemed to wait forever for a seat in the sun.
At the first hint of spring the English, umbrella under arm, grasp a picnic basket, or root under a raincoat to light a barbecue. In Russia, I was told, you had to be sure the snow would not return. If you were cautious, like business people, that meant waiting... through May... and into June, before you were sure the weather wouldn't freeze your battens and or whip your canvas awnings.

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Sochi Travel Guide cover

Sochi Travel Guide

Sochi is unlike any other city in Russia. The obvious difference would be that it is warm Ч so warm, in fact, that palm trees grow there, and you can still swim in the sea in September. But stating that Sochi is warm only scratches the surface of what this city has to offer.

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Lifestyle Guide 2014 cover

Lifestyle Guide 2014

The new issue of the Lifestyle Guide presents the best places in Moscow ― fine dining, bars, nightclubs, luxe spa salons, beauty centers and premium-class hotels.

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Moscow Guide Summer 2013 cover

Moscow Guide Summer 2013

What more could you want than to relax on one of Moscow's wonderful terraces? But happily there is more: the city has a growing number of complexes, home to clubs, restaurants and arts venues. In these places you can have two completely different evenings in one spot Ч without that nightmare so common to clubbers, of following a friend across town in search of some venue where he knows the DJ and he's sure he can talk his way in Ч if only he can find it.

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White Nights June 2012 cover

White Nights June 2012

The guide White Nights has an exciting article about famous St. Petersburg parks, recommends the best restaurants of the city, and also publishes a city map with useful information about places to eat and famous landmarks.

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Moscow Guide Summer 2012 cover

Moscow Guide Summer 2012

Summer means dacha season, and many Muscovites leave the capital to spend time at their country homes. Moscow in the summertime, however, has plenty to offer those who remain in the city. From restaurant patios to concerts to outdoor sports and activities, our guide is geared to help you make the most of the warm months here.

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Moscow Guide Winter 2012 cover

Moscow Guide Winter 2012

Making this holiday season one of relaxation and enjoyment is more than possible, as our reporters discovered for this year's edition of the Moscow Winter Guide. In fact, you don't have to venture far from Moscow, or outside the city at all.

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Moscow Guide Summer 2011 cover

Moscow Guide Summer 2011

The Moscow Summer Guide is dedicated to the wedding theme, because traditionally summer in Moscow is a time of weddings. The journal tells about the best hotels that cater to newly-weds, and about the locations that young couples traditionally visit on their wedding days. The publication gives advice on choosing a wedding dress and offers an overview of spas that young couples must certainly visit on the eve of the big ceremony. The publication informs the reader about the best cultural events in Moscow this summer.

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White Nights June 2011 cover

White Nights June 2011

The guide White Nights has an exciting article about famous St. Petersburg parks, recommends the best restaurants of the city, and also publishes a city map with useful information about places to eat and famous landmarks.

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Travel Guide 2011 cover

Travel Guide 2011

Russia is a country with unique nature, culture and history. These 10 different routes prepared by experienced travel writers will help you learn more about this fascinating country, and, more than that, as you move toward your destination you will get to know yourself better and understand just what you are capable of.

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Moscow Guide Winter 2011 cover

Moscow Guide Winter 2011

A fresh snowfall can make any street in Moscow beautiful. No matter how familiar we are with what lies underneath the snow Ч a smudgy kiosk, a dusty road, last yearТs remont Ч that layer of white makes our city new.

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Moscow Dining Guide 2010 cover

Moscow Dining Guide 2010

In true big-city tradition, Moscow's menu is very diverse. All the cuisines of the world are here, from authentic to trendy, from deliberately simple to gourmet ... It is not always easy to navigate the sheer variety of what is on offer even for residents of the capital, let alone for foreigners!

The Moscow Times Dining Guide has selected the best cafes and restaurants in Moscow, so that with business, family or friends your breakfasts, lunches and dinners will be delicious and enjoyable, helping you to love this wonderful city even more.

Enjoy your meal!

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Travel Guide 2010 cover

Travel Guide 2010

Moscow is not called the heart of Russia for nothing. A huge number of major monuments of history and culture are concentrated in and around the capital. You do not have to venture far into Moscow region to find many places with unique energy, where great writers and artists created their works. In the towns of the Golden Ring, you can go on a real journey back in time to see surviving Orthodox churches and monasteries, and the ancient artefacts they house.

The best way to escape from daily life, to relax from the bustle of the metropolis, is to go on an exciting journey! For the first The Moscow Times Travel Guide, we have selected 12 different routes, which will be interesting both for a long family weekend and for day trips or holidays with friends

We wish you a pleasant and rewarding journey!

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