More Than Moscow

Business from the Netherlands once only came through Moscow and Saint Petersburg but Dutch businesses are setting up all over Russia. The map below is just a small sample of Dutch firms and their activities beyond Moscow.

Russia to The Netherlands

The Netherlands is Russia's biggest export market, with a total of 36 billion dollars in exports last year.

Of Russian exports to the Netherlands, 85 percent are energy products.

The Netherlands to Russia

Russia is The Netherlands 6th-largest export market. Imports from the Netherlands came to about 4 billion last year. More than 70 per cent of flowers in Russia come from the Netherlands.

  1. FrieslandCampina is the world's largest dairy co-operative. It has an office in Moscow and a production location in Stupino, a 100 kilometers south of Moscow.
  2. BURRELCO-Russia is based in Yaroslavl and works with businesses in Russia, helping organize seminars and business meetings, working on the design and implementation of web sites and other company supporting activities.
  3. Heineken has breweries all over Russia, including in Nizhny Novgorod, Khabarovsk and Kaliningrad. Among the beers it produces are Heineken, Bochkaryov and Amstel.
  4. CityGIS, based in Kirov, is one of the leading specialists in geographic information systems, or GIS. The company works with a number of Russian law enforcement departments to provide technical support for the use of such systems.
  5. The PIelkenrood Group BV can trace its history back to the end of the 19th century. It has been involved in water treatment since the 1960s and now has offices in the Netherlands, Taiwan and in Perm.
  6. Founded in the Dutch town of Oud-Beijerland, near Rotterdam, Incolab specializes in the quality control of coal, cokes, biomass and petroleum cokes. It has laboratories all over the world and bases in St Petersburg, Murmansk, Taganrog, Vyborg and Kemerovo and other sites in Russia.
  7. Shell, one of the world's energy giants, has several major joint ventures with local partners in Russia, including the ambitious Sakhalin-2 project.
  8. ARL Consulting specializes in providing IT systems designed for the transport business. As well as offices in Copenhagen and Rotterdam, the company has an accredited office in Novosibirsk.
  9. TNT Express, the international express delivery service has its base in Hoofddorp in the Netherlands and delivers to over 200 countries.  It has offices all over Russia: in the capital and in Kazan, Kaliningrad, Rostov-on-Don and Vladivostok among others.
  10. Unilever is a major manufacturer of food, home care, and personal products and has operated in Russia since 1992. It has seven manufacturing and production sites in Moscow, St Petersburg, Tula, Novosibirsk and Omsk and representatives all over the country.
  11. Nutreco is a global leader in animal nutrition and fish feed that has worked in Russia for 10 years. It currently has plans to build a feed plant in the Voronezh region.
  12. Founded in 2005 Rosegarden already has a firm position in the growing Russian flower market. Based in Kaluga, the company grows 16 type of roses with 50,000 roses produced every day.
  13. Wilarus is a Russian company that is part of the Wilaard Group, which specializes in practical applications of livestock housing. The company has their own factory for the production of barn equipment in Kolomna.
  14. Czarina Travel Agency is a Dutch-run company that runs tours to St. Petersburg, Novgorod and other tourist centers around Russia.
  15. Kola Travel was set up by Frank and Svetlana de Wit as an adventure tourism company in the Kola Peninsula. They organise trips for those interested in «extreme environments and untrammelled northern wilderness» and are based in Kirovsk in the Murmansk region.
Russia Facts


2009 Nominal GDP: $1,255 billion* (12th position)

GDP Real Growth 2009: -7.9 percent*

Inflation 2009: 11.7 percent*

Exports 2009: $303.4 billion*

Leading Export Destination: Netherlands (10.6%)

Imports 2009: $191.8 billion*

Leading Import Country: Germany (14.4%)

2009 Stock of FDI at home: $258. billion

2009 Stock of FDI abroad: $226.2 billion

Corruption Perception Position: 146th of 180


2009 Total: 140 million*

Working population: 76 million

Urban population: 73 percent

Average Age: 38.5

Life expectancy: 66

Literacy rate: 99.4 percent

Internet Users: 59.7 million (8th in world)


No. of Airports: 1,213

Total Railroad: 87,157 kilometers

Length of Road: 940,000 kilometers

* Estimate

GDP Composition

Sources: The World Factbook, IMF, Transparency International

The Netherlands Facts


2009 Nominal GDP: $660 billion (2009)

GDP Real Growth 2009:  -3.9 percent*

Inflation 2009: 1.2 percent*

Exports 2009: $417.6  billion*

Leading Export Destination: Germany (25.54%)

Imports 2009: $369.9 billion*

Leading Import Country: Germany (17.16%)

2009 Stock of FDI at home: $671.6  billion

2009 Stock of FDI abroad: $843.7 billion

Corruption Perception Position: 6th of 180


2009 Total: 16.7 million*

Working population: 7.7 million

Urban population: 82 percent

Average Age: 40.8

Life expectancy: 79.4

Literacy rate: 99 percent

Internet Users: 14.8 million (31st in world)


No. of Airports: 27

Total Railroad: 2,896 kilometers

Length of Road: 136,827 kilometers

* Estimate

GDP Composition

Sources: The World Factbook, IMF, Transparency International

Russia - Holland 2010
Russia - Holland 2010
This business bilingual colour publication is devoted to cooperation between Russia and the Netherlands in the fields of business, tourism and culture and is published in partnership with the Dutch embassy.
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