Letter From the French-Russian Chamber of Trade and Industry

Pavel Chinsky

Emmanuel Quidet

Dear friends,

For the second time in a row we are publishing a special supplement dedicated to the French economic presence in Russia.

This year, we decided to highlight the regional development of our companies. The extraordinary impetus prompted by the France-Russia Cross Year in 2010 is continued by the consolidation of the cooperation with regional authorities, concerned about the promotion of their economic and human resources.

From the Black Sea to the Ural Mountains (or even to Lake Baikal or to the Pacific seaside), the number of French investment projects keeps increasing, and they have actually materialized, which is the key.

This very supplement aims at providing a thorough understanding of this wide market.

Now more than ever, with the success of the three hundred companies in the CCIFR community, we are deeply convinced that the future of the Franco-Russian cooperation is at stake beyond the two countries' capitals.

On these pages, you will found out to what extent French firms have taken up this challenge!

Sincerely Yours,
Emmanuel Quidet, President
Pavel Chinsky, General Director

Russia - France 2011
Russia - France 2011
Companies from France make up a sizable part of Russia’s business fabric, and French firms' strategies are covered in-depth in this supplement. What's more, for the first time in our country supplement magazines, you can view the extent of French business activity by federal district in a specially designed map.
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