Russia's Creative Power

“Celebration,” 2013

Irina Korina

Born in 1977 in Moscow where she also lives and works. Korina trained as a theater designer and is known for creating enveloping room installations out of disposable ordinary materials common to every Russian. She uses familiar cheap floral fabric, discarded furniture and magazines to create an unfamiliar materiality verging on the absurd, and to confront us with objects and spaces that conjure memories of a previous time.

Dima Hunzelweg

Born in 1968 in Moscow. Lived and worked in New York, 1991–2007. Currently lives and works in Moscow. Hunzelweg´s compositions are characterized by a delicate and sensitive beauty that gives his art a very specific position within the tradition of minimalist art. What might look from afar as computer-generated or produced with high-tech support is actually realized by hand with classic artistic materials and simple tools.

"The Face of a Smell," 2012.

Kuda Begut Sobaki

Kuda Begut Sobaki (Where Are the Dogs Running) is an art group from Yekaterinburg made up of Alexei Korzukhin, born in 1973, Vladislav Bulatov, born in 1975, Nataliya Grekhov, born in 1976, and Olga Inozemtseva, born in 1977. The group creates multimedia art that often plays with the physical senses.
"The Face of a Smell," 2012. We created a work that fixes the smell of a person and then produces a photofit of that smell. When a person comes up to the device, the smelling tubes take in his odor. The data received creates a unique image tied to that place, that person, that moment in time. The subject gets to see the face of his smell.

"The Dash," 2011.

Andrei Kuzkin

Born in Moscow in 1979. Lives and works in Moscow.
"The Dash," 2011. "The room was wrapped in cellophane, leaving some space between the film and the walls and furniture. As a result we have a transparent picture, where the image gets its color from reality, while its outline and tone are set by the artist's hand. Thus we create a look-alike of reality so that it becomes artistically documented. I try to pull the viewers out of today's space and place them into the space of recollection of the day, into the space of my personal unsuccessful effort to stop time and secure what there is."

"Point of Support," a performance in 2013.

Olga Kroyter

Born in 1986 in Moscow. Lives and works in Moscow.
"Point of Support," a performance in 2013: The artist stands on a narrow four-meter column, one-on-one with the world. A contradictory, mixed sensation of flight and fear of falling, a sense of one's own greatness and of utter loneliness. What is a person one-on-one with him or herself?

Alexander Povsner

Born in Moscow in 1976. Lives and works in Moscow. Povsner belongs to a young generation of artists who work in the tradition of Moscow conceptualism. For "Standby" in 2011, Povsner created a simple pair of shoes, fused together and filled with plaster, a material that often figures in the artist's work. "Standby" is placed among shoes in a flat in the House on the Embankment.

Alexandra Paperno

Born in 1978 in Moscow. Currently lives and works in Moscow. Left for the United States at the age of 13. Studied at the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York. Currently lives and works in Moscow. In 1955, the Communist Party adopted the resolution "On the Elimination of Excess in Design and Construction." Plans, maps and other symbols take on an entirely new tonality when brought to the canvas by the brush.

Painting by Taisia Korotkova

Taisia Korotkova

Born in 1980. Currently lives and works in Moscow. "My works are devoted to the beauty of the world of science. This is a painting about the importance of technologies in our life and also about man's place in industrial society. By working in a traditional, old style of tempera on wood painting, I let my audience stop and feel the beauty of the work process. One of my subjects is IVF, delivery and neonatal intensive care. It's interesting to look at the origin of a new generation of people, made in laboratories."

"VDV Day"

Аnna Shiller

Born in 1988. Currently lives and works in St. Petersburg.
"VDV Day" is a documentation of the random events our heroine, Schiller, finds herself entangled in the summer of 2013, during the Russian Airborne Troops Day celebrations in St. Petersburg. Deliberately placing herself into this space of militaristic mayhem, our heroine embodies the exact opposite of what is unfolding before the viewer's eyes: a backdrop of drunken bodies in striped shirts. Schiller leaves the ending open — dancing, she retires into the night, a faithful follower in tow.

Alexandra Sukhareva

Born in 1983, studied in Moscow and Gothenburg, currently lives and works in Moscow and Dubna. Her artistic practice is primarily interested in the historical cycles of toxins within military, daily and aesthetic realms as well as the poetical recourse deriving from that shift. Sukhareva often deals with the interaction between humans, nature, society and social responsibility.

Recycle Art Group

Recycle Art Group is made up of two young and talented artists, Andrey Blokhin and Georgy Kuznetsov. They live and work in Krasnodar.
The group does not provoke confrontation but looks for compromises and the means of making peace between incompatible and competing aspects of the modern world — a world made up first and foremost of concepts and images. Recycle digs through various cultural and visual "software" that has managed to grow into a thick layer on the hardware of collective consciousness, and try to identify conflicting "programs."

Tima Radya

Tima Radya, street artist, born, lives and works in Yekaterinburg.
"For sure I don't know as much of you as you of me, but now we have something in common."

Anna Titova

Born in Sverdlovsk in 1984. Currently lives and works in Moscow. 
Titova explores the inconsistent relationships that she identifies between representation, found objects and experiences of social relations. Titova's method is based on redefinition of boundaries between installation and photography, collage and sculpture.

"IRx272," 2013.

Alexander Lysov

Born in Bratsk in 1987. Currently lives and works in Moscow.
"IRx272," interactive light installation, 2013.
In a horizontal plane on the perimeter of the sphere, there are eight sonar emitters, or ultrasound rangefinders, able to determine the distance of a person approaching the sphere. The closer the person comes, the stronger the "flames" glow: a greater number of lamps shine and, accordingly, more heat is released.

"No," painting by Anya Zholud.

Anya Zholud

Born in 1981 in Leningrad, lives and works in Moscow. Zholud has long been working in three-dimensional space. The artist is famous for her metal installations, depicting very often everyday items in an almost minimalist, graphic style. However, it is her paintings that give a particularly touching insight into the fascinating artistic creation of this extraordinary young artist.

Russia - Austria 2014
Russia - Austria 2014
The Austrian season of culture, which took place in Russia in 2013 and 2014, gave artists from both countries an unprecedented opportunity for creative exchange and joint projects. The cooperation of institutes and artists from all areas of culture expanded far beyond the framework of particular events.
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