Fitness and Spa

With little sunlight and cold weather much of the year in Moscow, regular exercise is a necessity to keep your spirits high and energy level up to deal with the bustle of city life. Whereas back in the day your only choices might have been either joining a Soviet-style boxing gym or jogging on the city sidewalks, Muscovites now enjoy a thriving gym and fitness culture. Join a club or sign up for group classes or individual training sessions: whether your passion is CrossFit, yoga, boxing, ballroom dancing, or judo, Moscow is bursting with options for you to keep in shape. Many have pools, and most are open 24 hours — though you'll need deep pockets. Memberships in premium-class fitness clubs average about 60,000 rubles a year, while mid-range clubs cost about 30,000 rubles annually.

World Class

World Class gyms, one of Russia's biggest and most elite fitness chains, have 19 full gyms and 7 "lite" centers scattered around Moscow, plus a ladies-only club at Profsoyuznaya Ulitsa and two VIP clubs at Romanov Pereulok and Zhukovka (so exclusive you must be recommended by a current member to join).

+7 (495) 788-0000

Gold's Gym

Gold's Gym may only have two clubs in the city — one at Dinamo and one at Lefort — but this elite establishment prides itself on being serious about fitness. The Dinamo club sports a 25-meter swimming pool and squash courts, while the club at Lefort has more rooms for fitness classes as well as a boxing ring.

+7 (495) 931-9616; +7 (495) 662-4653

X-Fit Fitness Clubs

After getting its start as the first private tennis club in Moscow in 1991, X-Fit has grown to include 13 full-service club locations around Moscow, which include training rooms, group fitness classes, built-in spas, kids' classes and daycare, personal training, and cafes. Four of the locations even have pools with seawater — a good way to chase away Moscow's winter blues.

+7 (495) 544-0362

Orange Fitness

There are only three Orange Fitness Centers around Moscow, but they each have pools, saunas, and a full range of fitness equipment and classes.

+7 (495) 668-0965 ; +7 (495) 642-7997 ;+7 (495) 664-2369

Hard Candy Fitness

Among Moscow's best stand-alone clubs is Hard Candy Fitness, opened with great fanfare by Madonna herself in 2012. The club has stylish decor, a pool, spa, cafe, nutrition consultants, and a full range of fitness classes authored by Madonna.

+7 (495) 933-7100

Onegin Club

A "classic combination of sport and recreation, health and beauty," this exclusive club is located within a luxury residential complex nearby Polyanka metro station. With sports halls, Pilates studios, squash courts, fencing classes, and a pool, spa, tanning salon, cafe, and sushi bar, Onegin has it all.

+7 (495) 221-4122

Sky Club

The only fitness club in the city with a rooftop outdoor pool. Karate, aikido, and tai chi classes are also available outside the usual offerings, plus outdoor classes when weather permits.

+7 (495) 788-8338

Planeta Fitness

For a slightly cheaper way to work up a sweat, Planeta Fitness still maintains a high service standard with 11 modern and well-equipped facilities around Moscow, many of which also offer pools and saunas.

Zebra Fitness

Zebra Fitness Clubs have been expanding heavily in recent years, with 32 locations around the city — each with different services and amenities, but all with the chain's trademark zebra decor.

Les Trois Santes

At Les Trois Santes, fitness is not only about getting sweaty: the center prides itself on nurturing many aspects of well-being, including mind and attitude. With more than 140 group programs per week, a daily continental breakfast, and spa, pilates, and martial arts studios, the club's extras make up for the fact that it only has one location. The real standout here, however, is the swimming pool: 25 meters long, located inside a beautiful 17th century building in the heart of Moscow.

+ 7 (495) 775-7474

Pampered (and you know it)

We all know how grimy and exhausting the big-city grind can be. In such a stressful and busy environment, taking some personal time for you and your loved ones to relax isn’t a luxury — it’s a necessity. Russians have already mastered the art of the bathhouse, which today is also joined by the modern spa. Beauty salons, massage parlors, and spas are scattered across nearly every neighborhood in Moscow — each containing specialists ready to knead and scrub your stress away.

Sandunovsky Baths

Founded in 1896, the Sandunovsky Baths is the most famous and venerable bathhouse in the city of Moscow. Join the company of famous singers, athletes, and public figures (including American actor John Travolta and Russian TV host Sergei Brilyov!) by treating yourself to an authentic Russian banya experience - sweating out impurities, enjoying an invigorating beating session with birch branches, and washing it all away with a plunge in an ice-cold bath. The banya offers three men’s and two women’s sections, private rooms, a beauty salon, restaurant, and laundry room.

+7 (495) 625-4631

Asia Beauty Spa

Focused on relaxation of the body and soul, this 24-hour spa chain offers specialists from China and Tibet, four types of Eastern massage, and a full range of beauty services for men, women, and couples.

+7 (495) 787-5188


For the rich in taste and wallet, ESPA spa inside Moscow’s luxury Ritz-Carlton hotel is one of the finest in the city. Blending European, Eastern, and Ayurvedic styles to create a haven of tranquility, some of its signature treatments are an Energy Balancing ritual with volcanic stones and a four-handed synchronized massage with two specialists.

+7 (495) 225-8888

Sono Day SPA

For a reliable day spa in the city center, try the sono Day spa, which offers everything from skin peels and manicures to laser skin treatment, haircuts, and tanning booths. Qualified staff, comfort, and a friendly atmosphere reign at this diverse and tranquil center.

+7 (499) 248-0028

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