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It's the Economy

Russia's various economic woes have hurt the top category of hotels in Russia. In Moscow, five-star hotels reported a decrease in income of about 15 percent as compared to last year. The occupancy rate in the capital's highest rated hotels from January to September was at about 60 percent, as compared to 66 percent in the same period in the previous year. Four-star hotels showed even worse figures, but two- and three-star hotels managed to maintain their clients with occupancy rates of about 70 percent.

New Hotels and Brands Opening

Despite the economic downturn, major international brands are pushing ahead with new openings. In Moscow, the Four Seasons has opened their first hotel in the Russia capital — the Four Season Hotel Moscow opened its doors in the rebuilt Hotel Moskva right off Red Square. In the north of the city on Leningradsky Shosse, Doubletree by Hilton opened its first Russian hotel. Voronezh is home to the first Holiday Inn Express, a 145-room hotel that is part of an agreement between IHG and Regional Hotel Chain. And the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group opened its second hotel at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport, the Radisson Blu Hotel, which is directly connected to the terminal buildings. This is the company's seventh hotel in Moscow.

New Clients, New Services

With traditional clientele from Western Europe likely to be at lower levels for the near future, Russia's hotels have been tweaking their services to appeal more to different client bases. Moscow's Aerostar Hotel is the first hotel in Moscow to be certified as a "Halal Hotel" by the International Center of Standardization and Certification under the Council of Muftis of Russia. The hotel has special kitchen facilities for storage and preparation of halal products, prayer rooms for men and women, and room features for Muslim guests. The director of marketing, Lyubov Shiyan, said that nearly 15 percent of their guests are from Muslim countries and this will make their stay at the hotel more comfortable.

Hotels November 2014
Hotels November 2014
If you are like most travelers, probably the only time you stayed at an airport hotel was when a flight was delayed or cancelled Ч and the hotel was the sad end of a miserable day. First you and several thousand other stranded souls milled about the airport, hoping for good news.
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