Inspiration in Tough Times

Mark Gay

The 'CEO of the Year Russia 2014' awards come at just the right time. They celebrate the achievements of the best CEOs. They are a lesson in the possible, a benchmark to aspire to and something to be proud of.

But they also show what skills, knowledge and foresight CEOs will need to navigate the economic currents. The specialists who constructed this ranking of top CEOs with The Moscow Times —† BRAINFORCE AG and Obermatt of Switzerland — found that only about 30 per cent of the analyzed CEOs in 2014 were able to beat their peers in terms of combined performance. Many more Russian companies underperformed.

The authors of the rating say they still see many CEOs who do well in times of growth but who struggle in times of recession. A strong, experienced and talented CEO will also perform well in economically challenging times.

We also celebrate another group of individuals — along with companies, projects, and even the odd country — that have done most in the past year to improve the quality of life and raise Moscow's profile as a global center of business and culture. The Moscow Times Awards highlight the ways in which our capital city is changing for the better.

Observers might ask why small and mid-sized businesses are underrepresented. SMEs represent only 15 per cent of Russia's GDP, much less than in other big economies, where they create most of the new jobs as well as the future champions. Efforts are underway to fill that gap, such as the Startup Academy at Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO and perhaps in the future The Moscow Times awards will have even more to celebrate.

Doing Business in Russia 2014
Doing Business in Russia 2014
The СCEO of the Year Russia 2014Т awards come at just the right time. They celebrate the achievements of the best CEOs. They are a lesson in the possible, a benchmark to aspire to and something to be proud of.
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