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Career Week 2015 by Marriott Russia

  • October 22, 2015
On 12-19 October, 2015, Marriott International, supporting growth and development of the next generation, opened its doors in all properties in the Russian Federation & CIS during a Career week, in order to host an open Career day, by that allowing school leavers, university students and people, seeking a career change, to explore the opportunities in the hotel & tourism industry in the life environs of a highly successful international brand property.

Russia Declared Best of BRICS in Developing Human Capital

  • May 13, 2015
Russia on Wednesday claimed 26th place in a global ranking of countries' ability to foster human capital thanks to its highly educated populace, putting it first among the BRICS group of developing nations.

Despite Crisis, Most Russian Companies Aren't Cutting Jobs

  • May 12, 2015
Despite the economic crisis, two-thirds of Russian companies aren't cutting jobs and prefer to survive the crisis by shortening work hours or cutting workers' salaries, a study by global management consultancy Hay Group found.

Law Leaves Firms Less Room for Flexible Hiring

  • March 24, 2015
A new law will restrict the use of temporary labor just at the time when companies have the greatest need of flexibility in managing budgets and staff numbers.

Labor Market Braced for More Losses as Economy Slows

  • March 24, 2015
Recruiters anticipate a second wave of redundancies this spring with as many as one in three employees in danger of losing their jobs or facing a cut in working hours or benefits.

Raising the Right Professionals: An Uphill Battle for Russia

  • December 17, 2014
For a split second in December, it looked like 77 percent of Russians would be forced out of their current jobs. This is the estimated percentage of people working in a field outside of the scope of their university studies.

Sanctions Cause Leadership Crisis as Foreign Directors Ditch Russian Firms

  • October 28, 2014
Western sanctions have forced some foreign directors to step down or curb their activities on the boards of publicly traded Russian companies, leaving a critical gap that few domestic candidates are equipped to fill, the Interfax news agency reported Tuesday.

Russia's Deepening Slump Causes First Drop in Real Wages Since 2009

  • October 20, 2014
In their first decline for five years, real wages in Russia fell 1.2 percent in August, hollowing out the spending power of Russian consumers amid an economic slowdown that shows no sign of quitting, business newspaper Vedomosti reported Monday, citing data from Russia's statistics agency, Rosstat.

Salaries in Moscow Rise to $1,200 Per Month as Wage Growth Slows

  • October 15, 2014
The average Muscovite is pulling in slightly more than 50,000 ($1,200) a month this year, as wages in all sectors increase but fall behind the double-digit pay rises of recent years, a Moscow city official said Tuesday.

Dual Passports: Implications for Businesspeople in Russia

  • October 14, 2014
The State Duma this summer adopted a bill on penalties for concealing dual citizenship. Although the legislation does not appear to affect the legality of a Russian citizen holding a second passport, it does create a gray area.

Manufacturers Set to Fare Better Amid Sanctions

  • October 14, 2014
Retailers are struggling as consumer spending declines, but government orders may be supporting the manufacturing sector.

Aeroflot Hires First Foreign Pilot in Russia's Aviation History

  • September 23, 2014
Faced with a lack of qualified Russian professionals, Russia's flagship airline Aeroflot on Tuesday announced the appointment of the first foreign pilot ever hired by a Russian airline.

Most Russian Students Want to Find Jobs Abroad

  • August 25, 2014
Three of every four Russian university students would prefer to work abroad rather than in Russia, reported Monday, citing a survey conducted by

New Law Curtails Widespread Temp Staffing

  • May 06, 2014
Major foreign and domestic companies across economic sectors could be hit hard by a new law that will restrict the use of temporary staffing agencies in Russia.

Russian Employees Need Career Guarantees and Positive Environment

  • April 04, 2014
Russian employees are more eager to stay in a company if it offers career growth prospects and positive working environment, a report published by Ernst and Young said.

A New Oil and Gas Generation

  • March 26, 2014
The modernization of the Russian refining and petrochemicals industry is putting unprecedented strain on the country's resources of individuals with project management and engineering skills.

Economic Clouds Buffet Jobs Market

  • March 26, 2014
Western sanctions have so far been aimed at individuals but the Crimean issue could still have an impact on the broader economy. The European Union has already suspended trade talks and, as a later resort may consider economic and trade sanctions.

Big Companies Cutting Staff in Gloomy Economy

  • February 12, 2014
A slew of announced layoffs is rattling the domestic labor market, threatening to further undermine a weak economy.

Russia Fields 25,000 Volunteers for Sochi Games

  • January 19, 2014
They are young, bright and speak good English. Russia has trained 25,000 volunteers to work at the upcoming Sochi Games.

Sberbank Plans To Double Profits and Shed 30,000 Employees

  • November 13, 2013
Sberbank is determined to double its profit and increase assets by two-fold between 2014 and 2018, by focusing on high profit products and optimizing costs by closing down branches and shedding up to 30,000 employees, the bank's chief executive German Gref said at a strategy presentation Tuesday.