Jobs To Evolve Over 20 Years

Ecology, space, water transport, energy storage, robotics and construction will generate many of the new jobs of the future.

Roles could include recycling technologist, eco-auditor and disasters mitigator. The development of space could create openings for biologists,  geologists and space systems lifecycle engineers. Arctic navigators could find employment in the field of water transport. Engineers and designers will create local or mobile energy systems. Robotics jobs will range from neuro-interface engineer, to those working with medical and domestic robotics.

The Atlas of New Professions aims to show how jobs will evolve over the next two decades. It was compiled by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives and Moscow School of Management at Skolkovo.

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited's third annual Millennial Survey found that 70 percent of tomorrow's future leaders may reject traditionally business organizations, preferring to work independently through digital means. Ten years from now, Millenials, those born roughly one decade either side of 2000, will comprise 75 per cent of the workforce.