Jobs & Careers

Fall Issue 2007

Labor Market Overview

  • September 01, 2007
The Russian economy has boomed over the last few years and its growth shows no signs of slowing.

Brand Coding a Company

  • September 01, 2007
Thomas Schafbuch talks to David Shostak, managing director of the Gameland media company to find out what a brand code is, what it can do for a company, and what it actually means for customers and staff on the front line.

Russian Labor Arbitration

  • September 01, 2007
When entering the Russian market, foreign companies run up against a whole range of problems involving the management of personnel, and industrial disputes count as one of the most awkward.

Training Through Gaming

  • September 01, 2007
"Over the next few decades we will see a new kind of employee, at least in successful firms."

International Career Moves

  • September 01, 2007
One of the ways for a top-flight professional to develop his or her career is to transfer to a company based overseas.

The Motherland Beckons - Reversing the Brain Drain

  • September 01, 2007
If the financial results of major multinational recruitment firms and the number of vacant internal recruiter jobs are anything to go by, global employment markets are humming with activity.

What IROs Are and What They Do

  • September 01, 2007
IRO stands for Investor Relations Officer.

MBAs for Female Executives

  • September 01, 2007
Fewer than 10 percent of the board members and directors of the world's top 300 companies are women, according to a recent study conducted by Ricol Lasteyrie and Associates.

Careers in Banking

  • September 01, 2007
The financial sector is always attractive and there is consistently high competition for places in financial colleges.