How to be an Attractive Employer

Mark Phillips HR Director JTI Marketing & Sales

As an employer, you have an understanding, an inherent belief, that an employee who shares your values, your drive for success and passion for the business will help you and the organization achieve results. So as the cliche would have it, how do your motivate your employees “to go the extra mile.” Or rather, the real question is, How do you, as an employer, understand what motivates and drives your employees?

The simple answer is … you ask them!

As stated in a previous article of this employment special, JTI M&S did just that by conducting an employee engagement survey with the aim to discover what our employees value most about working at JTI, and what, if anything, they think we could do better.

With the help of Towers Perrin, specialists in the area of employee engagement, we surveyed all the employees to understand better what motivates them. The results showed us there were three key elements concerning work that motivate our employees: talent management, organizational direction and change and leadership. And with 88 percent response rate, we feel confident enough to act on these results.

How does Organizational Direction & Change influence on employees’ engagement?

Today we would like to share with you why we at JTI consider the second driver of employees engagement, which is organizational direction and change, to be important for our company as it is for many other multinational organizations.

Firstly, this category reflects the employees commitment to the companys goals and objectives and considers what action that an employee is wiling to take in order to ensure the companys success. Further, it provides an insight into the employees willingness to accept changes that may be necessary to achieve corporate goals.

One program that JTI operates to keep organizational goals and objectives at the forefront of employees minds is BRAVO. BRAVO is a program that encourages the employees initiative, commitment to the companys goals and corporate values (quality, innovation, commitment and synergy) by rewarding employees professional achievements and innovative ideas.

An employee who demonstrates these corporate values through his or her outstanding contribution are publicly recognized (hence the name BRAVO) and rewarded for this achievement. It is important for us at JTI to recognize these individuals (or teams) achievements because it is the sum of these personal achievements that contribute to the overall success of the company.

It is not just the winners who are recognized for their contribution to the organization. Understanding that engagement and association with our corporate values and organizational direction is critical for success, the BRAVO program reaches a much wider audience. Teams of experts were created at the local and national levels to oversee the program. These teams consist of the companys most respected employees who are elected by as ambassadors to the program. As ambassadors, these employees are entrusted by their peers and management to ensure the program supports corporate values and aligns with organizational goals.

We are proud to say that 87 percent of the employees are fully satisfied with the organizational direction at JTI Marketing & Sales. This rate is 16 percent higher than in other Global FMCG companies (according to Towers Perrin, 2009). Thus, we are confident that the BRAVO program and programs like it positively influence Organizational Direction & Change. Specifically, the program encourages employees to reflect and act in accordance with the companys values in their daily activities and to understand the importance of these values,

The Program recognizes those employees whose actions drive organizational success, thus setting clear examples to other employees of desired behaviors.

We at JTI understand that our employees are motivated by JTIs talent management strategy and share our organizational direction and change principles and thus are confident they have the drive to act in a manner that contributes to the organizations success. However, this success is not achieved merely by aligning employees. In the end, it is all about organizational direction. It is also imperative that strategies and corporate goals are appropriate, and this responsibility rests with the management and leadership teams. In our next article we will discuss the third driver of our employees engagement – Leadership and the role it plays in motivating and engaging employees. Please stay tuned.