Opportunities for Young Employees in Our Company

Zhanna Makarova, HR Manager / CTI — Communications. Technology. Innovations.

Choosing a career and a company to work for is an important decision, so before taking the plunge it’s vital that you know exactly what field you want to work in.

Common sense dictates that employers feel safer choosing experience over youth and promise. However, experience itself is not a guarantee of future success, as drive, competence and the ability to meet goals are of vital importance. Sometimes, hiring young talent can be a key to success in business.

And so that’s what we do: Over the last two years, 15 percent of our company has been young professionals, both recent college graduates and employees under 30 without any relevant work experience.

Obviously, given our IT specialization, degrees in computer science and engineering certainly do have an advantage. We encourage students in their last year of college to start a career with us as well, with flexible working hours and holidays during examination periods, thus gaining practical knowledge while completing their degrees.

The first three months on the job are considered to be the most difficult for young employees for obvious reasons: new surroundings, new people and new procedures.

How can you overcome these obstacles and help new employees learn to adapt quickly and smoothly? It’s important to be open with them by providing detailed information on the company and its established procedures, organizing information, sharing experience and delegating technical assignments to new employees during internal trainings. We have also developed external training and certification in order to make sure that our future employees understand exactly what we expect from them.

The first working day of a new employee begins with an introductory tour through the office guided by an HR Department specialist. The employee gets acquainted with our staff, the social policy of the company, the internal labor schedule and rules, our payment system and the company’s organizational structure. Each employee also gets an e-mail with all of this information.

At first, every new employee must go through an obligatory internship period, which is assisted by a specially allocated personal instructor. The general idea is for them to obtain the necessary practical and organizational skills required for their future in the company; we believe that this hands-on experience will let us know what each employee’s personal and business skills are.

The HR Manager monitors each internship through one-on-one meetings and short questionnaires. By the end of internship, a full evaluation of each employee is carried out to see how ready they are to work independently without supervision.

Today’s young employees are too ambitious. They tend to strive for a career in a leading position in a multinational corporation instantly after graduation, whereas it would be more beneficial to start in a small, dynamic team. Patience and determination are essential if you want to succeed in the long run.

With this internship program, young employees have all the company’s resources at their disposal — one-on-one supervision, training programs and seminars (including high-tech courses with the most current technology) and continuous practical education that prepares them for their future career.

Thus, with certain skills, they are on an open road to promotion. There are no hard and fast rules about how long one should be at a certain position to gain the experience required for further promotion; it is defined only by an ability to learn, meet stated goals and show some initiative. Senior management can promote young employees or entrust them with more responsibility at an early stage, but this is based strictly on their job performance.

As a young employee, you can be promoted in two ways: organizationally, as in climbing the corporate ladder, or professionally, by growing as a specialist, consistently improving your skills and knowledge and obtaining experience in different spheres and new projects.

Those who are interested in a career in telecommunications should, first of all, be ready to adapt quickly and learn something new every day. Employment with us is extremely dynamic, and like most companies we are interested in people with an active life philosophy who can hit the ground running and focus on results and teamwork.