Starting Out in Business:  Recruiting the Specialists of Tomorrow

Boris Yastrebov, Graduate Program Lead for Central and Eastern Europe / Hewlett-Packard Staffing

The most important thing to remember for a fast growing company is to focus on people. Being known as a great place to work makes it easier to attract top talent, including of the young generation. And it is this young generation where the future of business lies. People in the company need to live for the big idea, for the next great discovery, the new way of being. Where better to start than with students and new graduates?

Being committed to the development of each of its employees, equipping them with all the skills for an international career is of utmost importance. To concentrate on both “soft” and technical skills, placing heavy emphasis on “on the job” learning as well as formal instruction.

A student’s first job can be the most important decision he/she makes in the career, with one of the largest IT companies one can be sure he/she made the best decision!

 So that the interns truly learn the ropes, our Internship Program is completely tailored to meet their needs. We don’t expect students to have any professional experience. That’s exactly what will be provided for them with through the Internship Program. Joining one of the teams for a set period of 12-18 months will give young people the opportunity to combine work and study, working part-time on a flexible schedule.

Newly hired interns should be provided with an individual development plan to ensure a structured and blended learning with extensive on-the-job learning experience. A mentor (supervisor/coach), a buddy (onboarding peer) is assigned to give new employees regular feedback and support.

Participation in the Internship Program does not only broaden students’ understanding of the IT industry, but also enables them to make important choices about their future career direction.

We expect interns with a good performance and academic record to be well prepared for permanent employment with the company, which is very important for us and our interns.

 It is important to find the right students. The target group is pre-final year university students who will graduate next academic year. Candidate selection is done on the competitive basis within relevant vacancies and may include candidate assessment center, phone and face-to-face interviews and tests.

 Usually, the candidates will be students from a related degree course. Since we are a major IT company, we choose candidates with many different study backgrounds. Naturally we look for candidates studying computer science, information technology or engineering, but also students of business studies, economics, finance, as well as other technical and business administration degree students, are welcome on the internship program.

 In addition, we also look for the following “extra qualifications” in our candidates, such as  the ability to work well with people of all types and backgrounds and flexibility, a talent for adjusting quickly to rapid change. Of course, communication skills are very important and the potential candidate has to be a team-player. Positive-thinking, with initiative and the ability to laugh - even at themselves is a great plus as well!

 Newly educated people are a great source of manpower for a rapidly developing and fast growing company. They are the specialists of tomorrow. Getting them early and showing them a great work environment may in many cases be the key to future success.