Company Student Projects

When you are one of the biggest companies in a country, you have certain responsibilities, including setting an example for others and contributing to the development of your country. Some of the priorities of our company are concerns for people and environmental care. The company is actively involved in social and corporate responsibility, which is why we implement a variety of activities contributing to the development human resources in Russia.

One example of this approach is the integrated long-term charity program "Sail of Hope." As part of the program, there are many projects providing support to children from both orphanages and socially unprotected families. Some of the projects cover the implementation of educational and environmental programs and there are a number of educational programs aimed at discovering and supporting talented schoolchildren, students and young scholars who demonstrate aptitude for professional activity in the field we work in, which is hydropower.

The student project competition "Energy of Development – 2009" is a part of the charity program "Sail of Hope."

Its target is systematic long-term professional training for careers in the hydropower industry.

The winners of the contest — the most capable and ambitious young people — are involved in a system activity aimed at the formation of a professional community and hydropower industry development.

Students and postgraduates of eight Russian higher educational institutions took part in the contest "Energy of Development – 2009." The eight institutions are: Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Sayano-Shushensk Branch of the Siberian Federal University, Volzhsk Polytechnical University, North Caucasus State Technical University, Chuvash State University, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, and Amur Humanitarian Teacher Training State University.

The jury consisted of experts in different fields of the hydropower industry, including directors of enterprises, area managers, supervising engineers and employees from our company.

The contest proved a substantial addition to the system of specialized universities, increased interest in hydropower among talented and ambitious young people, and became a platform for the presentation of original ideas for developing modern technologies and the place where future company professionals meet with those who constitute its personnel basis today.

However, we do actively cooperate with other companies who pay great attention to the development of Russia's human resources. An example of such collaboration is an essay competition devoted to the topic of "Leadership," held in May 2009 by Harvard Business Review Russia, an international organization AIESEC with the partnership of RusHydro, Schneider Electric and IC"ROSNO."

More than 200 students took part in the competition, which was a great success. In addition to giving us an insight into how young people view leadership, it gave us an opportunity to single out those who seemed the most interested in our field and offer some of the winners an internship in the company.