Student Today – Leader Tomorrow

Who are the leaders of tomorrow? In our company we believe that true leaders are those who demonstrate a commitment to the dream, culture and goals of the company. We can only achieve our dream of becoming the Best Company in a Better World if we have the best people. We can do this by recruiting and developing our future leaders through The Global Management Trainee Program.

The Global Management Trainee program consists of a rigorous ten-month program designed to expose the best young talent to all aspects of the global beer business. The program is aimed at securing the long-term potential of the company by nurturing and developing the talent of top university graduates through hands-on business experience.

This is not a brand new idea -- we have had three generations of Global Management Trainees. Candidates who pass the rigorous selection process (CV screening, discussion groups, physiological and analytical tests and a panel interview with members of the Executive Board of Management) are invited to join the company as Global Management Trainees.

Why are we interested in recruiting students and recent graduates who pass the selection process? It's simple; when it comes to future leaders, our conviction is that they will be found within the company and we believe in promoting from within. The Global Management Trainee Program is a valuable talent pipeline for growing and developing young talent into the future leaders of our company.

Olga Denisova, who was recruited in 2006 as a Global Management Trainee shares her experience. First, we had a two-week Induction at the Global Headquarters in Belgium, where we were exposed to the company's culture, the core of the beer business, and had the chance to speak to the CEO and other senior leaders about the company's prospects and our role in shaping its future. After that we worked in a number of functions in our home countries such as breweries and sales offices. We learned how to brew and sell beer and many other core competencies of the business. There is no university in the world where you can possibly acquire such first-hand business knowledge and expertise in only ten months, and no business school where you can gain hands-on knowledge in more than one function. From the first day you are also guided by a mentor from the Management Committee's members, who support you in acquiring new skills and growing your career.

Upon completing our traineeship, we held our first positions in different functions. Some trainees went into Finance, others into HR, Logistics and Sales. I worked in the People function (HR) where I spent two exciting years leading diverse projects in compensations and benefits, organization design, and a Global Commercial Program. Having gained invaluable experience working in the People function, I have recently moved into the key accounts channel in the sales function. I am expecting many challenges ahead, which I am ready and energized to face. I know that it will not be easy, but I take on the challenge whole-heartedly to continue developing the necessary skills needed to become a leader in our company.