Employment: HR Operational Efficiency Reality, not Theory

Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to grow revenues while reducing costs in the current socio-economic environment and highly competitive market conditions.

Employment: HR Plans for 2016

Over the past three years, both the global and Russian economies have been affected by a number of significant events that have created a crisis on the local market.

Legal Highlights: Electric Power Sector Modernization During the Crisis Possible Solutions

Goltsblat BLP
The crisis and sanctions are naturally impacting the market of power equipment supply: Foreign suppliers face reduced demand for their output and services from Russian power-sector companies, because of inter alia the substantial exchange rate drop and relative instability.

Employment: Professional Qualifications as the Universal Language of Finance

ACCA Russia
In today's labour market, competition is intense, both among employers and among potential employees. Employers compete for the best candidates, be it young specialists or experienced professionals. There are lots of candidates in the market, but only a few of them are really good.

B2B: Major Russian Legislation Changes for 2015

What did 2015 bring us? A number of amendments were made to the antimonopoly legislation at the start of 2015. The amendments had to do with the procedure for analyzing the state of competition on a product market and imposing criminal liability for certain antimonopoly violations.

Legal Highlights: How the Ban on Borrowed Manpower Will Affect Businesses

Goltsblat BLP
January 1, 2016, will see the so-called law "On Banning Borrowed Manpower" (the Law) come into effect, introducing substantial restrictions on hiring and using leased personnel.

Legal Highlights: Friends Will Be Friends?

Goltsblat BLP
Practical aspects of JVs in Russia: conflicts between venturers, behavior patterns and typical mistakes

B2B: New Legal Challenges on the Real Estate Market

King & Spalding
Current situation with low availability of external financing raises the need for complex alternative commercial and legal arrangements on real estate transactions.

B2B: Are Current Land Prices an Incentive for the New Investment?

King & Spalding
During last two years we have seen many real estate investors leaving Russian market.

B2B: Corporate Social Responsibility Amid Economic Instability: Stagnation or Progress?

Heineken Russia
The economic downturn must not result in a revision of the adopted investment strategy aimed at sustainable business development, even more so when corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become part of corporate practices.

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