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Pepeliaev Group appoints a new head of its intellectual property and trademark practice.

The new head of Pepeliaev GroupТs intellectual property (IP) and trademark practice is Valentina Orlova. Prior to joining the firm, she was the head of the Legal Department in the State Patent Authority (Rospatent). She is also a member of RospatentТs Scientific and Technical Council, professor, doctor of law, and academician of the Russian Academy of
Natural Sciences.
Valentina is among RussiaТs leading experts in IP and the protection of exclusive rights, with more than 30 years of experience in the field. Valentina focuses on advising clients on IP matters, including the registration of both domestic and international trademarks; the
use of IP assets; e-commerce and advertising law.Valentina has an extensive track record of acting in the pre-trial settlement of IP issues, preparing documents to be used for administrative appeals, and producing expert opinions for court hearings. She was part of the team that drafted and commented on the Russian legislation on means of individualisation. Valentina was a member of the Russian delegation that negotiated RussiaТs accession to the WTO. The new leadership will help Pepeliaev Group expand the range of its services and undertake larger-scale projects.

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