Rules of The Moscow Times Awards

Rules of The Moscow Times Awards

1. General Provisions

1.1. The Moscow Times Awards (hereinafter Awards) ceremony was created to celebrate the best achievements in culture and business from the standpoint of Moscow's foreign community.

1.2. The organizer of the competition for the award is The Moscow Times, a daily English-language newspaper.

1.3. Contestants are selected by the organizer and members of the jury on the basis of a peer review.

1.4. The competition is held annually.

1.5. The competition has been announced with the publication of information about the launch of the project The Moscow Times Awards on the project's official site

2. Goals of awarding the prize

2.1. The objectives of awarding the prize include:

• Demonstrating the progress that Moscow has made in culture and business to the audience of The Moscow Times and the wider public.

• Helping the international community in search of new, effective paths to achieving success in Russia.

• Expanding and popularizing the best practices in cultural, business and public life in Moscow.

3. The Organizing Committee and the Expert Council

3.1. The award's Organizing Committee forms a long-list of award winners based on references in The Moscow Times newspaper, on the website, and also in other forms of mass media supporting Western standards of independent journalism; the composition of the Expert Council is determined and its work organized; preparations and the conducting of the ceremony for awarding the winners are carried out.

3.2. The Organizing Committee features representatives of The Moscow Times.

3.3. The Expert Council examines the long-list of awards and carries out the final assessment of projects for determining the winners in each nomination category.

3.4. The Expert Council features journalists of leading world media and representatives of foreign chambers of commerce in Moscow and embassies.

4. Nomination categories

4.1. Nominations are awarded in 13 categories:

1. Best Foreign Direct Investor − for the best results in the sphere of direct investment in Russia's economy among foreign companies based in Moscow,/p>

2. Country Partner of the Year – for the biggest contribution to the cultural and business life of the Russian capital,/p>

3. Best Business Event of the Year − for the best business forum held in Moscow,/p>

4. Best Business Center of the Year – for the creation of the best conditions for doing business,/p>

5. Corporate Citizen of the Year – for the best project in the sphere of corporate social responsibility,/p>

6. Person of the Year in Culture – for the best achievements in the cultural life of Moscow,/p>

7. Best Cultural Center of the Year — for the creation of the best conditions for culture and recreation in Moscow,/p>

8. Âest Cultural Event of the Year — for the best event in Moscow's cultural life,/p>

9. Best City Improvement of the Year – for use of the best urban practices on the international level in Moscow,/p>

10. Humanitarian of the Year – for selfless service to the public,/p>

11. Nomination for "Angel Investor of the Year" – for the most active support of startups from the start of 2015./p>

12. Nomination for "Strategic Venture Investor of the Year" – for active investment in the purchasing and merging of innovative companies./p>

13. Person of the Year according to The Moscow Times readers.

4.2. Award winners in each category will be presented with a figurine for The Moscow Times Award and a diploma.

5. Determining the Award Winners

5.1. The Moscow Times makes a long-list of candidates, including in each category at least 6 candidates with a brief description based on mentions in mass media from January to September of the current year.

5.2. In November 2015, the Expert Council makes a short-list of candidates with 3 in each category and chooses a winner by rating the nominations in the long list via providing a grade for their achievement of the objectives of the competition, where 1 is the least achievement, and N is the biggest, and N is the number of nominations in each category, with the exception of the special category “Person of the Year According to The Moscow Times Readers.”

5.3. On December 2, at the awards ceremony, the jury's decisions are announced. Afterwards, all participants in the ceremony determine the winner of the special nomination “Person of the Year According to The Moscow Times Readers” using voting by secret ballot. The decision is then announced at the ceremony. 5.4. Once the ceremony is finished, the decisions of the Expert Council and participants of the ceremony are published on the project's website:

6. Awards Ceremony

6.1. The announcement of the results and the awards ceremony will be held on December 2 in Moscow.

6.2. The Organizing Committee will decide where to hold the ceremony.

6.3. Information about the date, time and location of the ceremony will be placed on the project's website and in mass media at least 21 days prior to the event.

Methodology for Competitive Selection

Goals of the Competition:

• Determine the best projects in Moscow's cultural and business life,

• Award the creators and executors of these projects,

• Publicly present the best practices on the project's website, ( and in mass media.

Objectives of the Competition:

• Nomination Category 1 - foreign large businesses with Russian headquarters in Moscow conducting activities in the territory of Russia,

• Nomination Category 2 – embassies of foreign nations in Moscow,

• Nomination Category 3 – economic-political forums for a business audience conducted in Moscow in the current year,

• Nomination Category 4 – business centers of categories B-A situated in Moscow,

• Nomination Category 5 – foreign and Russian companies based in Moscow with permanent programs in the sphere of corporate social responsibility, and/or projects in the sphere of corporate responsibility realized in the current and prior year,

• Nomination Category 6 – cultural figures with the most prominent achievements in the recently passed and new season,

• Nomination Category 7 – culture and leisure activities in Moscow that stand apart for the recently passed and new seasons,

• Nomination Category 8 – distinguished events in the cultural life of Moscow in the recently passed season and new season,

• Nomination Category 9 – the most prominent positive changes in city life in the current year,

• Nomination Category 10 – distinguished community activists of Moscow with initiatives realized in the current year or the year before,

• Nomination 11 – professional and active angel investors operating in Russia who have completed the most number of officially confirmed transactions,

• Nomination 12 – Russian corporations buying startups based on their innovative technologies, work teams and existing business development,

• Nomination Category 13 – distinguished figures in culture and business working in Moscow.

Procedure for selecting award winners of The Moscow Times Awards:

• Members of the Expert Council go through an electronic assessment in which they give each candidate a grade for their achievement of the objectives of the competition, where 1 is the least achievement, and N is the biggest achievement, where N is a number of nominations in each category.

• The Expert Council works in an absentee format (filling out the form electronically).

• Announcements of the winners take place at the awards ceremony.