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Cider just off Red Square

You can find the largest selection of cider in the capital at a new place named Ciderella. Co-founded by the Shchedrin company, it always has four types of Shchedrin ciders on tap, including a rare ginger cider and a seasonal cider that changes every other week (250 rubles). There are bottled ciders from all over the world, including German apfelwein — non-carbonated cider (300 rubles).

+7 (985) 077 0318
11 Nikolskaya Ulitsa. Metro Okhotny Ryad, Lubyanka

Shirokuyu na Shirokuyu


Excellent Serbian fast food

Although the staff is rather slow, the food at this new Serbian cafe is excellent. It’s semi-fast food that you order at the bar. Try pleskavitsa, a Serbian burger served with mustard, pickles and other condiments (350 rubles with cheese). Try the five kebabs called chevapchichi (350 rubles) or chopsky salad with Serbian cheese (300 rubles). The coffee, lemonade and infusions are good as well.

+7 (499) 408 2827
10/5 Krivokolenny Pereulok. Metro Turgenevskaya, Lubyanka

Rinok i Obshchepit Shuk

Rinok and Obshchepit Shuk

Mediterranean with an Israeli twist

Restaurateur Eugene Katznelson, known for the Brothers Karavayevy chain, has a new take on Israeli market food. The menu of Rinok and Obshchepit Shuk (Jewish Market and Fast Food) is simple and reasonably-priced. Try the roasted eggplant with yogurt and salsa (305 rubles) and roasted cauliflower with green tahini sauce (260 rubles). The restaurant feels like a bustling market. Portions are huge, so consider sharing.

+7 (495) 966 2501
7 Veskovsky Pereulok. Metro Novoslobodskaya

Farsh Burgers2

Farsh Burgers2

Burgers at Belorusskaya

Treat yourself to some of Moscow’s best ground beef at Farsh Burgers2 near the Belorusskaya metro station. Try their classic cheeseburger (250 rubles), or get adventurous with the bigger and better signature cheeseburger, the Guy from Bryansk (350 rubles). Vegetarians can enjoy the Butcher’s Daughter falafel burger. Garnish with fries, a beer and good company in this slightly calmer younger sibling of Farsh Burgers.

+7 (499) 251 0029
26 Gruzinsky Val, Bldg.1. Metro Belorusskaya

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