Boney M, Bikes and Bikini Fest

For MTBike, no bikini, at the 2008 festival.
They may seem like mutually exclusive things, but this weekend bikes and bikinis will come together at the Auto-Moto Bikini festival. If that is not enough, you can also catch ageing 1970s stars Boney M and a Michael Jackson Thriller show at the event.

“The festival was initially aimed at motorcyclists and auto racers between the ages of 20 and 50,” said Pavel Frolov, whose Motorcyclist Union organizes the festival and who will almost certainly not be wearing a bikini at the event. “This year, to attract a wider audience, we selected universally popular entertainers: high-class circus artists, legendary band Boney M, Michael Jackson’s twin, stuntmen and erotic dancers from the best Moscow strip clubs.”

The festival opens Friday with a massive carnival show that will feature more than a hundred costumes, ranging from 17th-century ball gowns to cosmonaut suits, said Frolov.

The festival, in its second year, takes place almost 50 kilometers outside Moscow and apart from parades and fireworks will also have its own beauty contest where 150 bikini-clad models will compete for the title of “Miss Auto-Moto Bikini 2009” and the top prize of $10,000 and a trip to Greece.

The contest involves stripping and dancing and interaction with the audience. At last year’s event, Frolov posed with all 150 contestants as they went topless at the end of the competition.

Despite the bacchanalian tone, organizers insist that the event is a respectable one. Indeed, part of the profit will go to charity.

The bikers and auto racers will pay respect to a tomb of the unknown soldier Friday, and Saturday they will present a local orphanage with a TV set and other gifts. Organizers say they hope through charitable acts to earn more legitimacy for their festival in the eyes of the government. They did not say if anyone would be wearing bikinis at the events.

The Auto-Moto Bikini 2009 festival will take place Aug. 21-23 at the X-Land Park, 42 km Dmitrovskoye Shosse. For directions and ticket information: and 585-33-79.