Rock of Ages
Red Square has its storied sites. There's St. Basil's Cathedral, with its swirling onion domes, and Lenin's squat tomb -- not to mention the Kremlin, for hundreds of years the seat of Russian power.

On Saturday, they'll be joined by the landmark that is Roger Waters.

As part of a nearly 50-stop tour of Europe and North America, Waters, one-time bassist and vocalist for Pink Floyd, will play his album "The Dark Side of the Moon" -- in its entirety -- on Vasilyevsky Spusk.

The show's first half will feature Waters' solo work and songs he recorded with Pink Floyd, said Olga Fokina, the concert's promoter. The second half will be the full performance of his famed 1973 album.

The 10-song record -- a concept album that tells the life story of a modern man -- famously runs in apparent synchronicity with "The Wizard of Oz." To the delight of generations of chemically altered college students, Waters' music and lyrics seem to coincide with the film's plot. When Dorothy gets to Munchkin Land, for instance, the plucky guitar strains of "Money" goad on the portly midgets in their dancing.

While the film being projected onto the Spassky Gates is perhaps too much to hope for, there will be special effects. Fokina noted that "there will be an entire theatrical set," without specifying further. Waters kicked off the tour June 2 in Lisbon, Portugal, with a show featuring 4 1/2 tons of laser equipment.

The show has some worried, though -- and not just about the sacrilegious effect of one of history's best-known stoner albums being performed next to St. Basil's.

Alexei Klimenko, a campaigner for architectural preservation, said rock concerts have a deleterious effect on the 16th-century church. "It's always better not to have concerts on Vasilyevsky Spusk," he said.

But for the 35,000 fans expected to attend, a St. Basil's moving in synch with the music would just be the latest example of "The Dark Side of the Moon" harmonizing with other artistic landmarks.

Roger Waters plays Sat. at 8 p.m. on Vasilyevsky Spusk. Tickets are being sold through