Ask the Doctor

Q: What's the best hangover cure?

Dr. Albert Brian, American Medical Center:

The best cure is prevention. The best advice I can give is, don't [drink too much]. Just take it easy."

Dr. Yevgeny Gavrilov, International SOS Clinic:

This question is discussed everywhere, and there is no one answer. Every person has their own method. One way is to take rassol, the salted juice in which cucumbers are pickled. But in Europe, it might not be the same as in Russia -- it's usually a mixture of salt, water and maybe some spices.

"From a medical point of view, the optimal cure is simply to drink a little alcohol. But for Russians, often they can't stop, and as a result they become drunk again. It's best to drink 30 to 50 grams to feel better during a hangover."

Dr. Rose Gazin, European Medical Center:

It is hard to think of one answer. It depends on the individual as well, and what symptoms each person has. I can't pick out any proven methods, but the one thing that is generally agreed upon is to drink water or any kind of fluids, because the person is dehydrated. But I can't really give any evidence-based advice."

Dr. Nikolai Cherednichenko, AlkoMed:

Who hasn't drunk too much at some point? For a hangover, the person should sleep more and drink the water used to make pickled vegetables. If a person is healthy and isn't an alcoholic, they should be fine."