Explosion Kills At Least Two in Siberian Court

VKontakteEmergency services arriving at the building in Kurgan.

Two people were killed and another two injured after a man detonated two RGD-5 hand grenades in a Siberian court on Friday, the Interior Ministry said.

The incident took place at the Kurgan Magistrates' Court at about 2 p.m. local time when a man was stopped and searched by a court marshal while trying to enter one of the courtrooms. The marshal discovered that the man had concealed a number of explosives on his person, at which point the assailant set off two of the grenades, killing both men, Interfax reported.

The motive behind the attack remains unclear, but regional investigators said they do not think it was an orchestrated terrorist plot, RIA Novosti reported.

An unidentified law enforcement official said that the attacker was seeking revenge for an earlier ruling the court made against him in an assault case, but according to court officials the man's hearing had not yet been held when the fatal explosions took place.

The judge was set to preside over a hearing related to assault charges concerning a Kurgan resident, Mikhail Vdovina, at 2 p.m., according to the court's website.

The two injured people received minor wounds and have already been released from the hospital. The magistrate judge was not among those wounded.

Many more would have been killed if the marshal, Mikhail Malinnikov, hadn't stopped the attacker from entering the courtroom, a spokesman for the Federal Court Marshals Service said. The marshals service will recommend Malinnikov for a posthumous award to honor his brave actions, the spokesman said.

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