Cafe in Krasnoyarsk to Offer Cat Petting and Adoption Service

VKontakteCat Cafes, first introduced in Japan where individuals did not have the space or time to care for their own pets, is gaining popularity abroad.

A new cafe in Siberia will give its customers a chance to relieve stress by letting them pay to stroke cats while they enjoy drinks and desserts, the cafe's owner said.

Kis-Kis cafe is set to open in Krasnoyarsk on Sunday and will charge customers 1.5 rubles (4 cents) per minute for the privilege of scratching one of its house cats behind the ear, owner Irina Maximova said, Ridus news agency reported Wednesday.

The rate rises to 2 rubles per minute over the weekend.

But the cafe's main mission will be to find caring new homes for unwanted and stray felines.

At first, seven cats will live on the cafe's premises, three of them permanently, while the rest will be available for adoption. The cafe hopes to keep track of the cats and monitor their lives with their new owners.

Kis-Kis cafe will work in cooperation with the Khvostiki ("Tails") organization, which will supply replacement cats.

Khvostiki organized a cat rental service in Krasnoyarsk in 2012 that included delivery. The organizers used the proceeds to buy food for homeless animals.

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