Mixed Martial Arts Fighter Held on Suspicion of Assault

WikicommonsAlexander (center) sparring with his older brother Fedor.

Russian police have detained mixed martial arts star Alexander Yemelyanenko on suspicion of brutally beating up a man in a Moscow cafe, a police official said Thursday.

As a result of a conflict in a cafe in southeastern Moscow on Wednesday the victim was hospitalized with several injuries, police said. A search was mounted for the 31-year-old fighter, and he was subsequently taken in for questioning, police said.

Yemelianenko is a renowned MMA fighter with 23 career wins under his belt. He is the younger brother of former MMA champion Fyodor Yemelyanenko.

Alexander Yemelyanenko was fined by a Siberian court last year for disorderly conduct on board a commercial flight, and was questioned by police in August over the alleged rape of a 23-year-old woman.

After the airplane incident, he retired stating he had too many injuries but returned to the sport in March following a three-month stay in a Greek monastery.

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