Disney to Open 3 Stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg

The Walt Disney Company plans to open three stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg by the end of 2014, real estate brokers said Wednesday.

The company is looking at the Mega malls in Moscow's Tyoply Stan district and the Belaya Dacha outlet village, and the Galeria shopping center in St. Petersburg as possible locations, Kommersant reported.

The maximum rental cost for the three sites could reach $2.7 million, DNA Realty said.

Each outlet would have an area of around 300 to 500 square meters.

A spokesman from Galeria said that the shopping center would be willing to discuss a rental agreement with the Disney company. IKEA, which runs the Mega hypermarkets in Moscow, refused to comment.

The company is also planning to open Disney Play and Disney Style stores to sell toys and clothes.