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$1Bln Arms Deal Signed With Angola

The country's state arms export monopoly has signed a $1 billion deal package with Angola to deliver military equipment, build an ammunition plant and provide maintenance services, Vedomosti reported Wednesday.

Rosoboronexport will supply 18 Su-30K fighter jets to the southern African nation, Vedomosti reported, citing sources at the arms exports company and the Russian military.

The Su-30K fighters in question are a batch of aircraft that were initially supplied to India in the late 1990s, prior to Delhi receiving the more advanced multirole Su-30MKI variant. They were returned to Russia in 2007 and have since lain idle in a Belarussian repair plant.

They had previously been offered to Belarus, Sudan and Vietnam.

Also on the list are Mi-17 transport helicopters, tanks, artillery, firearms and ammunition, the newspaper said.

(RIA Novosti)

2104 Launch Date for First Russian Privately Owned Spacecraft

Russia will launch its first ever spacecraft to be 100 percent funded by domestic private capital on board a Soyuz-2-1B carrier rocket in February 2014, the Skolkovo high-tech hub said Tuesday.

The DX-1 mini-satellite, designed and built by the Dauria Aerospace group, will test the equipment, technology and software to create a unified platform of small spacecraft. It will also carry an Automatic Identification System receiver to monitor global shipping routes.

Dauria Aerospace is planning to set up a compact mission control center in Skolkovo to operate its own satellites in the future, the aerospace company’s general director Sergei Ivanov said, according to the Skolkovo hub. Dauria has signed a contract with South Korea’s Samsung electronics manufacturer to supply equipment for the mission control center, Ivanov said.

(RIA Novosti)