U.S. and Swedish Military Inspectors to Overfly Russia and Belarus

A group of U.S. and Swedish military inspectors is set to fly over Russia and Belarus starting from Monday under the international Open Skies Treaty, a Russian Defense Ministry official said.

"Within the framework of the international Open Skies Treaty, U.S. and Swedish inspectors flying a Boeing OC-135B observation aircraft will perform surveillance flights above the territories of Russia and Belarus from Oct. 14 to 19," said Sergei Ryzhkov, head of the ministry's National Nuclear Risk Reduction Center.

Russian and Belarussian experts will also be on board the aircraft to oversee the proper use of surveillance and filming equipment in line with the treaty's provisions.

The aircraft's surveillance equipment has been inspected and certified by international experts, including from Russia. It has no weapons on board.

Ryzhkov also said a group of Russian military inspectors would conduct surveillance flights over the territories of Britain and Northern Ireland between Oct.14 and 19.