2 Illegal Casinos Raided in Vladivostok

VLADIVOSTOK — Police in Russia's Far East have raided two illegal casinos in Vladivostok, the local police department said in a statement Monday.

Both casinos were open to trusted and loyal customers with a single client spending on average more than 500,000 rubles (over $15,400) per visit, the statement said.

"There were about 20 clients in both casinos, when special task force policemen raided the establishments," the statement said, adding that the casinos were equipped with tables for roulette and poker, and digital displays and slot machines.

Since 2009, casinos and other gaming establishments in Russia have legally been allowed to operate only in four remote designated areas, in the Baltic enclave of Kaliningrad, south Siberia's Altai region, the Primorye region in the Far East, and in southern Russia near the Sea of Azov.

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