City Hall Organizes Free Business School

FlaconThe former bottle manafacturing factory, now an art cluster, will host the program's introductory event.

Every weekend for the next two months, a new business course called Shkola Biznesa ver. 2.0 will offer participants a series of interactive training courses, master classes with successful businesspeople, and simulations devoted to ingraining essential business skills for the modern media environment in young entrepreneurs entirely free of charge.

The project is run by the Moscow Youth Multifunctional Center (MYMFC), established by the Moscow government in 2012 to encourage youth participation in business, innovation, and volunteer projects in Russia and abroad.

The program of the business course is distinguished by its "blend of progressive theory and entrepreneurial practice," a press release said.

Key skills such as search engine optimization, contextual advertising, and social media marketing, will be covered.

Shkola Biznesa ver. 2.0 begins with an introductory event at Flacon Design Factory on Wednesday at 6 p.m. All events will be conducted in Russian.